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across borders - mobile, agile, inclusive.

Since 2012

Oh, it happened to @Snapchat and it happened to us in the Global @PopUpNewsroom: Methods and concepts are copied and claimed by second movers.

But, no worries, original innovative thrive can’t be faked and won’t be stopped.

Better think long-term! Again, Snapchat makes for a model by recently redefining its strategy and outsmarting copy cats through enforced collaboration.

Most success stories in media innovation history - see for example “The Innovators” by Walter Isaacson or “Where good ideas come from” by Steven Johnson - are realised by groups of open-minded professionals, complementing each other’s skills, often across borders and disciplines. 

Embracing collaboration for mutual benefits pays off in the now age, diehead competition does not.

The @PopUpNewsroom started 2012 initially instigated by Melissa Wall @melissawall with David Baines @njdrb and Devadas Rajaram @devadasrajaram soon growing onto a core group of senior journalists and journalism educators with Sandra Whitehead @sandrawrites, Faith Sidlow @faithsidlow, Priya Rajsekar @priyaarajsekar, and Marie Elisabeth Mueller @memplexx in tight coaching and collaborating with super-talented students and citizen reporters across the world who substantively take over the roles of producers, anchors and reporters. From 2018 we started to use the name the Global @PopUpNewsroom as more appropriate and unique.

We all together stand for reimagining journalism and storytelling education globally, in an open and inclusive approach with emerging methods - currently most of the workflows activated with smartphones - which we keep evolving and continuously pushing forward.

Get in touch, if you’re interested to participate hands-on in our platform's activities, reporting and storytelling across borders or wish to learn more about how to work with seamless now age tech, agile workflows and mobile live from multiple places across the world. 🌏📲💥

Thank you for swinging by here. You may also want to read what Melissa Wall published about the open concept of the Global @popupnewsroom - and stay tuned for our next “how to” publications and knowledge sharing.